CipherLab designs and delivers industry-leading business performance and efficiency solutions around AIDC (automatic identification and data collection) hardware and software. The company is a technology innovator and has been for more than twenty years.

With a range of market-changing and industry-pioneering products, including mobile computers, proprietary terminals, wireless and tethered barcode scanners, fixed data terminals, software solutions and more.

CipherLab products impact the daily lives of customers and workers within transportation and logistics, field mobility, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, warehousing and public and government services, adding performance, accuracy and a measureable return on investment to our customers. Their success is built on a deep respect for their customers, business partners, employees and investors.

The CipherLab culture promotes entrepreneurial ideas and practices to continually nurture new ideas and better solutions. It puts great value in strong customer partnerships and invests in multi-national, interdisciplinary teams to provide quality and value with its leading-edge products and services. CipherLab is a concerned world citizen, with respect to the common environment and social responsibilities.

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