Supply Chain Solution for Leading Automotive Technology Company

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Denso Marsden is a leading global supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components.

We were approached by the company in 2009 to assist them in transitioning their existing legacy hardware devices over to something more efficient that could handle a wide range of activities – such as order picking and consignment consolidation.

The company needed a device that could not only withstand harsh working environments, but that was wi-fi enabled and easy to use and with additional applications like POD being considered. We initially recommended the CipherLab 9600 Industrial Mobile Computer, which Denso successfully used from 2009 until 2015. Overall, we supplied 100 devices to Denso, trained the operators and provided the company with a fully comprehensive SLA which included device management, installation and support and repair.

In 2015, we migrated Denso to the 9700 Industrial Mobile Computer by CipherLab. The 9700 has been designed to meet the demanding needs of warehouse and field workers from its rugged design, pistol grip and user friendly functionality.

Having been already successfully using the CipherLab devices for 6 years, when it came to changing the hardware to a new, more improved model Denso had full confidence in the 9700 model which made the transition process easy.

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