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As Smart Ticketing gains more traction across the UK we thought that it was about time we announced our involvement in the technology side of things. At GaneData we are frequently involved in exciting projects across the UK and this one was no different.

Similar to the Oyster Card travel system in London, M Cards have been designed to optimise the way people pay for their journeys across the bus and rail networks in the region.

We became involved in the project as we already work with PayZone in the UK which is our primary partner in the scheme, providing all of the barcoding technology to enable the system to work effectively – this included barcode scanner, terminals and credit card machines.

We provided 750 card (MP10005) readers to PayZone that we were able to customise at a low cost. These in turn have been installed in various locations to enable the pre paid travel. MCards use RFID technology to wirelessly transmit data through electro magnetic fields – which is then used to identify and track data and tags attached to objects. The M Cards use touch technology to make journeys smoother. You simply hold your MCard on the smart reader on the bus or rail gate until the card has been read properly.


Read what the press had to say:


For more information about the MCard Travel Scheme view the website – 

If you have any questions or queries about GaneData’s involvement or are in need of any devices for a similar smart card project then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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