Panasonic Toughpad Range

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Handheld mobile devices have become an essential tool for businesses and organisations of every type and size. They streamline operations and increase the efficiency of a range of supply chain activities, ultimately boosting a company’s productivity and profitability.

The advantage of deploying rugged mobile computers has increased further in recent years. Whether a worker is in the field, the office or the warehouse, these devises are designed to make life easier for with a range of versatile features and capabilities. A rugged handheld mobile computer – which may be initially more expensive than a consumer device (such as a smartphone) – tends to give a much better return on investment (RoI) and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Whereas previously, different devices were needed for different tasks, these can now be all combined within a single handheld terminal.

As the needs of users have evolved and technology has got smarter companies like Panasonic have seen the importance of developing devices that combine all the capabilities of a handheld device, Smartphone and tablet in one.

Built for work, the Panasonic Toughpad range of devices are the world’s most rugged purpose built enterprise devices bringing together the best of a handheld, tablet and Smartphone in one.

Toughpad tablets are engineered to deliver performance, security and reliability in extreme operating environments where consumer devices would fail. They are also built for easy integration into existing IT infrastructures and for smooth deployments and ongoing support, and provide organisations with longer life cycles, translating to lower total costs of ownership.


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