i-Beacons: Changing the retail landscape

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Think of beacons as a technology that empowers contextualisation based on proximity and connects the real/physical and digital worlds

With an i-Beacon network installed in-store any retailer, brand, app or platform will be able to understand exactly where a customer is in the brick and motor environment – this providing the opportunity to send highly personal, contextual and meaningful content to customers via their smartphones.

What is an i-Beacon
In essence, i-Beacon or Beacon is a technology that allows mobile applications to understand their position on a micro-local scale and then use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to deliver content to users based on location.

How an i-Beacon works
i-Beacon transmitters use Bluetooth 4.0 technology to send specific information to nearby devices based on location. Retailers can set up multiple Bluetooth Beacons within and around stores to broadcast a signal.

Beacons can then pinpoint if customers are in range of the signal and their app then determines what to do – for example deliver a personlised message or coupon.  

Why use an i-Beacon
Beacon technology will bring change to the retail landscape and create a shift in the way brands and retailers communicate with customers.  This technology will empower retailers to engage customers with meaningful and intelligent content – in an age where customers demand a more personal shopping experience.

As we utilise digital technology more than ever – Beacons will be able to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

The potential for Beacon applications is endless…. 

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