How well do you know your customers?

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Our shopping habits have changed, and as a nation of consumers we actively look for the best offers and deals from food to fashion, electronics and more. Retailers know this, and these days you don’t have to go far to find a weekly promotion or special offer being thrust in our faces from various high street outlets.

We are drawn in to deal websites that offer local discounts and voucher codes – you only have to look at the recent influx of “Black Friday” deals that swept across the UK to notice people consume these deals, but as our shopping habits change the question for retailers is will this be enough.

If we think back to the origins of retailing, the local shopkeeper knew every customer well, saw what they bought and knew details about their broader interests. The digital world has replaced that with massive data storage – some of which can be intrusive, and although some loyalty schemes have proven meaningful for customers and the retailer a lot of the newer technologies we are seeing is not the same. Much of the new technology does not offer the same personal experience that customers need; it is based on counting and shouting.

The secret weapon for retailers: get to know your customers with a two way dialogue. Gain some insight of who they are and keep them engaged.

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