Full IP65 Waterproof Protection for W-POS Whole System

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AdvanPOS is proud to introduce W-POS 7000 series, the slim and powerful Full IP65 POS terminal into our product line. W-POS features Intel Ivy Bridge CPU which delivers desirable and stable performance with fanless operation and full IP65 waterproof protection for the whole system. Better yet, it’s a panel PC with 59mm ultra-slim design and alumni die-casting back cover to make W-POS stylish in appearance and efficient in heat dissipation.

W-POS also possesses a unique stand base on which you can customize the color and logo to enhance the branding, and it is wall/ pole/ desk mountable for various applications and environments. Besides the incredible features, W-POS also supports SUSIAccess, the ready-to-use remote device manage software to make AdvanPOS W-POS become an intelligent and efficient platform which benefits retailers to save labor cost and maintenance time, and therefore its product value and competitiveness will be greatly enhanced as well.

Full IP65 Waterproof Protection with Aluminum Die-Casting Back Cover

W-POS has no ventilation holes for waterproof protection, and adopts the aluminum die-casting back cover which is not only for heat dissipation, but also for its ruggedness. Better yet, the waterproof protection works even when peripherals such as MSR, iButton are connected to W-POS.


The First Fanless Ivy Bridge POS System

W-POS is featuring the advanced Intel Ivy Bridge CPU which delivers high performance and excellent visual & video quality with fanless operation. The fanless design can not only provide us with quiet operation but also reduce the risk of foreign invasion.


Color & Logo Customizability

W-POS features a unique stand base which enables color and logo customizability on the back. Customers can have favored color and logo style so that they will possess a unique and stylish POS system to work efficiently and effectively.

59mm Ultra-Slims Design with Diverse Interface

It’s a challenge to make a POS system slim, stylish but meanwhile powerful. W-POS overcomes the limitation of mechanical design for only 59mm thickness, and also features diverse I/O ports which allow connection to various devices. Optional powered USB port is reserved for advanced applications to reduce cable usage which is especially ideal for the retail market.

Support 3 Monitors and Various Mounting Type

Powered by Intel Ivy Bridge processor, W-POS features HDMI output and is capable of supporting 3 displays which makes it ideal for digital signage applications. It also provides wall/ pole/ desk mountable for various applications and environments.

Speedy USB 3.0

W-POS features USB 3.0 interface which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0 technology, resulting in greater productivity and user satisfaction. It’s ideal for today’s high-speed applications and peripherals.

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