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Advantech Flagship UTC – Touch Toward Convenience and Business Success 

The UTC-620 embraces many useful and practical functions that can be applied to a broad range of scenarios. With its multitude of features, the unit can be applied to environments needing functions in digital signage, bill payment, barcode scanning, social video chat, and membership maintenance, to name a few. UTC-620 provides business adopters greater management and customers services. Its interactive system easily engages with customers and stimulates consumer interests.

It is equipped build-in camera, MSR, NFC(RFID), barcode scanner, and configurable function key for best Retail self-service and interactive signage deploy in different application areas. The systems deliver updated information with well-designed interactive interfaces, fully ensure relevant content and targeted promotions are delivered. UTC series touch panel computers are the best investments to enhance user satisfaction, further brand equity, and maximize business profits.
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