Department Store Solution for Stock-Taking

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In 2009 GaneData was approached by the head of Fenwick Department Store to help integrate simple but capable hardware into its existing IT systems for internal stock taking.

Fenwick, which is an independent chain of department stores in the UK with 11 branches was looking for a device to make life easier when it came to keeping track of all the inventory in the warehouses.

Warehouses need devices that can withstand harsh conditions so we provided the company with 200 CipherLab 8300 portable data terminals. The rugged device is purpose built for tough environments with an IP65 rating and can withstand 1.2m drops. The device is powered by a Li-ion rechargeable battery with 100+ hours of operating time, making it a good choice for inventory control.

One of the most ideal CipherLab devices for batch applications, installation training was quick and easy for the department store staff, and after a 5 year deployment, failure rate on the device has been less than 2% (including operator induced damage).

Statistics like this speak for themselves – With its rugged design, high performance memory and integrated laser/CCD barcode scan, the versatile 8300 from CipherLab was the ideal device for Fenwick.

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