CipherLab CP55 Windows Mobile Device

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We are pleased to announce that CipherLab has released its new CP55 Series of handheld mobile devices.

The device is smart and rugged, and is the perfect choice for any business.

Top of the Line Processor, Memory Capacity & OS 

With many of the software currently being used today all using up a lot of computing power, the CP55 series easily provides a clever solution to this dilemma. The CipherLab CP55 is built with a high standard dual core OMAP™ 4 Processor which has a 1GHz speed to provide smooth application operations. Users will be able to run multiple programs faster, even the complex or intuitive graphics-based ones. Operating on Windows Embedded Compact 7.0, the CP55 is equipped with the most up-to-date Microsoft OS. On top of that, 4 GB flash and 512 SDRAM is included to allow programs to run quickly and smoothly. Having all these specifications will surely help speed up the completion of any task.

Well Equipped 

CipherLab’s CP55 mobile computer is fully equipped with versatile reader options in linear imager, laser, long range laser, 2D imager and HF RFID reader to ensure maximum assistance for all different kinds of scanning needs.
The additional benefits of having a 2D imager include 1D and 2D reading capabilities with the option for reading low contrast barcodes which is often found in manufacturing with advance reader configuration.
Moreover, the long range laser enables data collection from a distance in a warehousing or manufacturing setting. You will also be able to read multiple types of symbologies including RFID data with HF RFID reader option.

Smooth Operation & Flexible Wireless Capabilities 

3.75G HSUPA with GPS/AGPS, 802.11 a/b/g/n technology and Bluetooth® communication V2.1+ EDR instantly provides quality data transmission in real time. CP55’s 3.75G HSUPA allows location-based application, real time dispatching management and vehicle tracking from backend office. 802.11 a/b/g/n provides fast and reliable data transfer for four-wall application.
Additionally, the Bluetooth® communication V2.1+ EDR can connect the mobile device to a Bluetooth printer for immediate label or receipt printing.



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