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When it comes to building a barcode solution there is countless decisions to make – which scanner do I need, what type of barcodes, how to print and so on.
The first decision you need to make is whether you want to use 1D or 2D barcodes.

1D barcodes (the white and black lines) are some of the most commonly recognised barcodes although 2D barcodes (patterns of square blocks) are becoming more commonly used.

So whats the difference? 

1D Barcode

1D Barcode

There is high demand for  1D barcode scanner solutions as generally they are simpler to work with, and the hardware you need is quite cheap as you only need 1D scanners and they are easy to print using a whole host of software and fonts that are available


2D Barcode


2D barcodes store a lot more data in a a much smaller space – with 1D barcodes if you needed to store a lot of information then the barcode itself would end up getting longer and longer. With a 2D barcode you can fill mountains of data without it expanding. They are more secure and robust – and future proof! If you have a scanner than will scan 2D codes then it will scan all barcode types!


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