9700 Series: Crafted for Superior Indoor Application

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Deliberately created for the challenging requirements of the warehousing, distribution center and manufacturing industries, the CipherLab 9700 series features excellent functionality and ruggedness for applications within four-wall environments. The 9700 series is built with industrial toughness to work under any in-premise environments with ease. Its versatility and flexible reader options assists users to effectively capture barcodes located in difficult settings. 9700 series’ new keypad design offers 3 different keypad options to deliver user friendly usage. Additionally, a load of other valuable features makes 9700 series a useful tool for all your warehouse and distribution center demands.

The 9700 series mobile computer is a device that provides solutions for indoor applications. Its features and designs aim to sufficiently provide user satisfaction for applications within four walls. The 9700 series performs with versatility and functionality, while maintaining industrial ruggedness. Fully protected with IP65 standards, 9700 series’ multiple reader options give users a wide range of data collection options.

The 9700 series’ new 3 keypad options deliver user friendly usage at all times. The new 9700 operates on Windows® platform and TI OMAP 1GHz CPU which  enables fast and easy application development. Having great wireless communication, instant and safe data transmission is provided without difficulties. Running on different battery options gives users extended operation time.

Along with all these features, user-friendly software and utility support provides new and updated benefits to increase user output.

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