GaneData is the leading distributor of solutions based AIDC, Point of Sale, Digital Signage, RFID & Mobility technologies  

The leader in enterprise mobility, some of the UKs' largest and most well known organisations trust GaneData to keep their mobile device state up and running.
We provide a wide portfolio of products and fully integrated solutions, covering mobile computers, thermal printers, barcode readers, labels, tickets and tags, accessories, wireless infrastructure. epos machines and terminals. 

The company is dedicated to serving organisations around the world that seek more effective and efficient ways of doing business and creating business value. GaneData works tirelessly with our manufacturing partners, and value added resellers, providing a complete end to end solution, business development and marketing support. GaneData has customers and partners in EMEA, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and China. This growing network of long-term relationships has been established to serve the unique needs of world regions and markets with dynamic flexibility and response to opportunity. 

GaneData carefully examines its business strategy, manufacturing capacities and processes to improve efficiency, ensure quality and minimise harm to the earth. GaneData supplies quality products at competitive prices with flexible and timely delivery. The company’s mobile computers, terminals and scanners are integrated into the networks of some of the world's best known logistics, retail, automotive, distribution, government installations and healthcare companies, helping them run more efficiently and effectively onsite and on the road.

Valued Added Distributor

Alongside the trusted distribution channel GaneData offers our manufacturing partners to sell their products, the company goes one step further. Ganedata manages the full range of programmes and services, including marketing and warehousing, technical support, training, business development and professional services. Our valued partnerships with organisations such as Ciperlab, Godex and Advanpos allows for critical market intelligence, open communication and mutual success.

Hardware & Software with a range of Managed Services 

GaneData supply and manage businesses with a complete end to end mobile data solution - one that incorporates hardware, software and a range of managed services. Whether you are looking for AIDC hardware, POS solutions or Barcode Printers Ganedata can help with its extensive portfolio of mobile computers, scanners, terminals, printers & accessories.

Research, development & project work 

GaneData has invested resources for research in optics, electronics, mechanical engineering, communication technologies, software, and industry applications. Knowledgeable and experienced engineers work closely with industry partners to design, engineer and create systems that meet customers' needs as well as providing timely and competent services.

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