Established in 2007, our vision is to enable intelligent retail and hospitality. We combine the experiences of POS and IPC industries, move the technology forward, and dedicate to create an efficient and high-quality platform to provide simple, smart, engaging, reliable, green and innovative POS products.

AdvanPOS brand comes from the combination the two words of Advance and POS. Our brand encapsulates our promise to intimately understand the needs and aspirations of users and customers in order to deliver innovative solutions that are advanced and easy to experience.

AdvanPOS offers a wide range of POS products that meet the demands for diversified applications for a vertical market and for OEM/ ODM requirements. We design POS products basing on the specific and specialized needs from customers and users to make products suitable for hospitality and retail environments. It also offers a growing range of high quality POS peripherals to enhance the expandability and flexibility of POS products.

The mission of the company is to provide Green POS products which are eco-friendly and energy efficient, and also innovative interactive POS products with friendly man-machine interface. Advanpos provides efficient pre and post-sales service and to have the flexibility to swiftly evolve our products in line with technological advancements.

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